Post from my old blog: Video: What The Heck!? I Am In a Different Dimension! HELP ME!!!!!!


This is a post from my old blog.


E-Mail: I made an Instructable from Scratch!

I made an Instrucable from Scratch!  The Instructable is about how to make a House in Minecraft.  If you want the link, here it is!: Click here!

I also entered it in a Video Game Instructable contest.  I hope it wins!
This post is a copy of an E-Mail that I sent out to People I know, whose names shall NOT, I repeat NOT be posted on this blog!

terd kool tings!

i hav 3 Kool tings too Poost!   Teh virst to tings are too kewl poke mon You tube vides!  Teh lonk for teh virst on it here.   Tehh zekont on it here.     Teh terd ting it is ah kewll yobsit! teh lank for teh websit it is: slooflirpa.knarp.

hop yu leik teh tings1


This Post was an April Fools Day 2013 prank.