I Spliced a VHS Tape!

Awhile ago  I spliced a Vhs Tape, and I did it correctly!  If you want to do this yourself, Click Here.  This is NOT an April Fools Joke!  This is the day I found this lost post again.

I didn’t take a Before Picture, But I  took some Pictures of the Final product.

101_1218     101_1219

The Front of the tape is the top one.                                                                      The top of the tape is the bottom one.

The next tape splicing job I did (An Audio Tape) I took before Pictures.  (Actually I Just took them along with the pictures above!)   I will post about those eventually.  The VHS Tape works Fine!  Just Some Video glitches in the credits, that’s all.  (But I read somewhere that the video fades for a second, and it does do that, but its supposed to do that when you splice it.)


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