Film Review: Hoot (2006)

Hello!  This is my first review!  The Movie I am reviewing is a really good one: Hoot!  To watch the movie, I borrowed it from the local library.   It is a really good movie, that is really overlooked.  A lot.  First, I will mention that the skipped a lot of stuff from the book.  And I haven’t finished the book!  Edit: I am farther in the book, but still haven’t finished it yet.  But, even skipping a lot of stuff from the book, it is still a great movie.  It is a great movie!  I think that it was overlooked, and that it should have grossed in more money in the box office.  But, even that they skipped some stuff, it is still pretty good with being close to the book.  But they did change the name Roy used in the hospital scene.  They also changed Beatrice breaking Roy’s bike tire from biting it, to putting a needle into it.  But, even with changing some stuff, and removing some stuff, they did add stuff.  And they deleted some stuff that they added!  The Movie is really good!  The DVD is really good too!  Let’s go to the DVD now.  First we will talk about the Bonus Content.  The Bloopers are good, like always, the deleted scenes are pretty good too, the hands-on habitat projects video is cool, the backyard wildlife habitat video is cool, but long, the behind the scenes is pretty great also, the animals in action video is pretty great also, and last, the animal rescue center video is cool, The meet the Creator of Hoot video is OK, The video about Jimmy Buffet is cool, the Director on The Set video is good, I did not watch the audio commentary yet, the trailer is awesome, and the sneak peeks are good for sneak peeks.  Next, I will talk about the menus. I can do it in one sentence.:  The menus are great.  Next, lets talk about the DVD-ROM features.  The startup screen is great. I did not use the enhanced script to screen.  The Monkey See Monkey Do game starts amusing, but gets a bit boring, The Fish Food game is Awesome!, and the Treefrog game is great!  That is a DVD I will actually buy!  Edit: I bought it already!  To buy it, click here.  To buy the book, click here.  To buy the Soundtrack, click here.


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