Two things I made!

I started a FanFic!  The Link is:   I also made a virtual world!  The link is:


New Video Game I am announcing!

I am announcing a new video game!  I will be called “Black Friday Madness!”.  I will start it eventually.  Once I start i is will post about it.  I think Devin will do the music on Ritmik Retrobits.  The game will be about escaping the madness on Black Friday.  The shops will be named “Bull’s Eye Mart”,  “Techs R’ Us”, “The Hanukkah Menorah Store”, “GameStart”, “L  Road Games”, and more!

COMING, BLACK FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!111

OMG I found the Proof of the Hacker Of Devcraft! OMG!

Ok, remember that devcraft got hacked?!?!?!?  Well, Devin put  a plugin to Devcraft that tracks everthing that gos o n in it.  He foungd that some1 with the user name frankosborne.  I serched “frankosborne minecraft” on google and found his/her/it’s planetminecraft profile!  The link 2 it is:

On it is also his utube chgannel and a week ago he subscribed 2 Anonamus, a hacker shanel!  This is my facxe 2 that -BLEEP-: ಠ_ಠ

SO SHAL FRANKY GET SUED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JK.  But he is a bad 12 year-old.  (He could be lyeing, but feh.)

Go 2 this link:

A link 2 this utube channel is :

URL Change!

I am changeing the URL of this Blog!  I am changeing it to  Every Site that has the URL for this Blog, Will change to I will try to make it so the old URL will redirect.