Circle Game was finished Almost a Year Ago! (Read Post)

Circle Game Was finished almost one year ago! Circle Game was a video game I made almost a year ago. As celebration for this milestone, I am finally releasing these games online! I didn’t remove much from these games, and I didn’t even remove any glitches I haven’t already Fixed! XD (Actually I fixed a level design error in Circle Game 2, but that’s because it made it so you can’t beat the game. :P) All I removed were some things that I don’t want online…Yet. XD Some of the things I removed were some bonus content, but with Circle Game And Circle Game: Find the Differences Edition I had to just remove the Bonus Content because the things I didn’t want there was all that was there, so yea. I didn’t change anything in the instruction manual, ether  so it still says to copy your Circle Game 2 files to your computer to save. I am releasing all of the Circle Game series Games I made (Circle Game, Circle Game: Find The Differences Edition, and Circle Game 2), and starting a Circle Game 3! Circle Game 3 probably will take a LOT longer than Circle Game 2 did is because I’m not using Circle Game 2 as a base and fixing the issues made when converting the file from one version to the other, but I’m just starting over with a new engine.  I never released it online, but I did make some CDs of it and gave them to friends for Christmas. Then I started Circle Game 2, but it took longer to complete because it had a lot more features. I finally finished it in February 2013 (the year we are in now), and made a Disk for me and One of my friends. Because of the unique way I labeled the discs, I never labeled my copy. And actually, I labeled one copy, but it had a Glitch that made it so you can’t beat the game because I forgot to program something in. The way I labeled the discs was making the basic things on the computer, printing them, then cutting out the shapes and sticking the labels I cut out onto the CDs. The CDs didn’t just have the game data on them, but also had the resources, bonus content, and a Playable Audio CD on the disc, so you could put the CD in a CD Player, and listen to all the sounds in the game. Because of this, the Soundtrack for the Will be in a separate folder from the Game Files, and is also in the resources folder.   MrZeldaPants (one of my friends, His Roblox account is here: helped me with some ideas in Circle Game 2, but some I never used, but I will use some of the unused Ideas in Circle Game 3. I also never did a credit list for any of those games, but I will do it for Circle Game 3. I also never did cut scenes, but I will try for Circle Game 3. When I made Circle Game: Find The Differences Edition, I set my computer calendar to April Fools Day (4/1/2012) before making the .exe. Some of the other versions of Circle Game 2 had to be removed because the GameMaker file is only the most recent version, so I can’t Update them. The reason Duckdog: The Video Game is a lot like Circle Game is because Duckdog: The Video Game actually uses The Circle Game Engine, so yea. These Games only work on Windows XP, Vista, and 7, and they might work on Windows 8 with backward compatibility. They do not work on Mac OS or Mac OS X without having Windows installed. Did you know Circle Game was going to be a RPG, not a platformer? You can get all three of the games on both Dropbox and the YoYo Games Website. The link to download Circle Game on Dropbox is:   The link to download Circle Game on the YoYo Games website is:  The link to download Circle Game: Find The Differences Edition on Dropbox is:  The link to download Circle Game: Find the Differences Edition on the YoYo Games Website is:  The link to download Circle Game 2 on Dropbox is: The link to download Circle Game 2 on the YoYo Games website is: More info on the Circle Game Series might be available at a later date.