Circle Game In Japanese!

Circle Game is getting translated into Japanese! To all those out there who can read Japanese, I am translating it using Google Translate, so prepare urself for a horridly bad translation. XDDDD Look for it on my yoyogames sandbox (here: soon! The unused screens and stuff won’t be translated, but will still be in the data.

EDIT: It’s up nao! The link on YoYo Games Sandbox is: The link on Dropbnox, which has been up for over a good 5 hours now, and is not zipped up in a .zip AND a .7z, is: To play you need to download 7-Zip and extract the .7z. The link to download 7-zip is: Also, the Circle Game Character Select Programming Test is finally on YoYo Games Sandbox! The link is:

Colors!: a Chiptune Album

I’m working on a chiptune album! So far only one song is done, but as they are finished i will upload them to my dropbox account. Actually, some bonus tracks are done, but they won’t be uploaded yet. The link to the folder is here:!%20a%20Chiptune%20Album  Also on soundcloud. The link is:  As the name implies, all songs will be named after colors. All except the bonus tracks, which were going to be on another one i was going to call 8-Bits. It never happened. After the album is done, i will compile them all into a .zip or something, and u can download all the songs together. Once that happens i will put a new post with the link.