Pokémon Yellow Gameshark Codes

01011DD3-Infinite Master Balls          010138CD -Walk Through Walls     Place Pikachu must in the first position, then use one of the following codes. 013972D1 (To overwrite the first attack with Surf) 013973D1 (To overwrite the second attack with Surf) 013974D1 (To overwrite the third attack with Surf) 013975D1 (To overwrite the fourth attack with Surf) -Unlock Surfing Pikachu without using Pokémon Stadium   01021EC2 -Turn nurse joys, gym leaders and other people in to a Pikachu   Any Wild Pokémon: 01??D7CF   Replace ?? with the following values: Bulbasaur: 99 Ivysaur: 09 Venusaur: 9A Charmander: B0 Charmeleon: B2 Charizard: B4 Squirtle: B1 Wartortle: B3 Blastoise: 1C Caterpie: 7B Metapod: 7C Butterfree: 7D Weedle: 70 Kakuna: 71 Beedrill: 72 Pidgey: 24 Pidgeotto: 96 Pidgeot: 97 Rattata: A5 Raticate: A6 Spearow: 05 Fearow: 23 Ekans: 6C Arbok: 2D Pikachu: 54 Raichu: 55 Sandshrew: 60 Sandslash: 61 Nidoran (female): 0F Nidorina: A8 NidoQueen: 10 Nidoran (male): 03 Nidorino: A7 NidoKing: 07 Clefairy: 04 Clefable: 8E Vulpix: 52 Ninetales: 53 Jigglypuff: 64 Wigglytuff: 65 Zubat: 6B Golbat: 82 Oddish: B9 Gloom: BA Vileplume: BB Paras: 6D Parasect: 2E Venonat: 41 Venamoth: 77 Diglett: 3B Dugtrio: 76 Meowth: 4D Persian: 90 Psyduck: 2F Golduck: 80 Mankey: 39 Primeape: 75 Growlithe: 21 Arcanine: 14 Poliwag: 47 Poliwhirl: 6E Poliwrath: 6F Abra: 94 Kadabra: 26 Alakazam: 95 Machop: 6A Machoke: 29 Machamp: 7E Bellsprout: BC Weepinbell: BD Victreebell: BE Tentacool: 18 Tentacruel: 9B Geodude: A9 Graveler: 27 Golem: 31 Ponyta: A3 Rapidash: A4 Slowpoke: 25 Slowbro: 08 Magnemite: AD Magneton: 36 Farfetch’d: 40 Doduo: 46 Dodrio: 74 Seel: 3A Dewgong: 78 Grimer: 0D Muk: 88 Shellder: 17 Cloyster: 8B Gastly: 19 Haunter: 93 Gengar: 0E Onix: 22 Drowzee: 30 Hypno: 81 Krabby: 4E Kingler: 8A Voltorb: 06 Electrode: 8D Exeggcute: 0C Exeggutor: 0A Cubone: 11 Marowak: 91 Hitmonlee: 2B Hitmonchan: 2C Lickitung: 0B Koffing: 37 Weezing: 8F Rhyhorn: 12 Rhydon: 01 Chansey: 28 Tangela: 1E Kangaskhan: 02 Horsea: 5C Seadra: 5D Goldeen: 9D Seaking: 9E Staru: 1B Starmie: 98 Mr. Mime: 2A Scyther: 1A Jynx: 48 Electabuzz: 35 Magmar: 33 Pinsir: 1D Tauros: 3C Majikarp: 85 Gyarados: 16 Lapras: 13 Ditto: 4C Eevee: 66 Vaporeon: 69 Jolteon: 68 Flareon: 67 Porygon: AA Omanyte: 62 Omastar: 63 Kabuto: 5A Kabutops: 5B Aerodactyl: AB Snorlax: 84 Articuno: 4A Zapdos: 4B Motres: 49 Dratini: 58 Dragonair: 59 Dragonite: 42 Mewtwo: 83 Mew: 15 Missingno: 34  ♀ .: C1  ゥ▾ ||ゥ♂: FA  Q ◣: FF(Careful All the effects of the ZZAZZ glitch activate when Q ◣ is battled.)  01FBA5CF-All Pokemon have enough experience to level up to Level 245-254. They just have to fight to level up.    You don’t learn skills when you level up with the code, you just get tons of HP, Attack, Defense, Speed, and Special. Also some Pokemon might make the game freeze when they are about to level up with the code. If that happens, just change FB to F8, F9, or FA.    010156D0-Steal Trainers Pokémon    011002C1-Turn your player into a Pikachu


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